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LG 發表 G Pro 2

NXUTech. 在 14-02-2014 05:50 PM 發表 | 類別: 手機

LG 昨天於韓國發表 G Pro 2,顧名思義是第二代的 G Pro,規格當然有所提升。看來 LG 很心急,不等即將舉行的 MWC 2014 就發佈了新一代的大螢幕旗艦手機。


螢幕5.9 吋 1080p IPS
處理器2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 四核心
主鏡頭1,300 萬像素
前置鏡頭210 萬像素
microSD 擴充支援
機身尺寸157.9 × 81.9 × 8.3 mm
重量172 g
系統Android 4.4 KitKat
電池3,200 mAh(可自行更換)
額外功能LTE-A、NFC、藍牙 4.0、WiFi 802.11 ac


G Pro 2 的最大賣點除了是擁有 5.9 吋的大螢幕外,還有支援光學防手震(OIS)的 1,300 萬像素鏡頭,並支援 4K 影片拍攝及 120fps 慢動作影片。G Pro 2 將會有白色、銀色和黑色三款,售價及發售日期將於 MWC 2014 上公怖。


G Pro 2 與 G2 的設計相似,音量控制按鈕也是在機身部,整體來說就像一台放大版的 G2。而和第一代(Optimus G Pro)相比,螢幕變大了但重量仍保留在 172 g 確實進步不少。總結來說,G Pro 2 是一台規格不錯的大螢幕手機,詳細資料及效能有待在 MWC 2014 上展現。


(以下新聞稿使用了 Google 進行翻譯)

LG Electronics, a large screen G Series 'LG G Pro 2'

LG Electronics is a large screen smartphone strategy ' LG G Pro 2 'to the public.

'LG G Pro 2' is introduced early last year, 'LG G Pro' sequel to one of the large-screen display, cold hands gently took over. 'LG G Pro "is released in four months, one million were sold in the country.

LG Electronics is the end of this month through three companies from the domestic mobile communication 'LG G Pro 2' plans to start selling. South Korea is also preparing to launch in overseas markets since its launch plans.

MC Park, Jong - Seok, LG Electronics Business Division said, "The G-series is reported, taking, to fully enjoy the pleasure of listening to the big screen smartphone strategy," said "simply put, not only technological advances, consumers who use it will feel emotional satisfaction" he said.

- superior comfort and security 'knock code' first mount

LG Electronics' knock-on (KnockOn) 'evolved' knock code (Knock Code) 'and' LG G Pro 2 "was mounted for the first time.

LG Electronics is a smart phone users at more than 100 times as much as a day to turn on the screen to turn off the lock screen of your smartphone conceived as the traditional 'knock-on' to unlock feature added to 'knock code' development.

'Knock-code' as turning on the screen to turn off the lock screen that can be processed at the same time, enter the number of an existing drawing or pattern and excellent ease of comparison. Smartphone users in the off-screen as soon as you touch a few times, but can be moved to the home screen.

Usage is simple. Certain areas of the screen is divided into four quadrants Assuming that each zone 1, 2, 3 and 4 give a number of virtual, which is a 4-digit password of "1234" is set to release the region from 1 to 4 times by area Touching the screen will light up as the home screen. Password setting from 2 digits can be up to 8 digits. 'Knock-code' if the password is set, the number of more than 80,000 kinds.

'Knock-code' you can guess by the touch of visual signs of security because it does not expose the screen is excellent. The existing pattern drawing and looking at the number of inputs you need to unlock the screen, but 'knock-code' of the fingers without looking at the screen and lock screen can be solved only by the movement.

- 5.9 big screen in 'view, taking, listening' pleasure

- cold hand gently on a large screen display
LG Electronics LG G Pro 2 'is 5.9 inches large screen, yet comes in a hand gently provides optimal grip.

Single button, eliminating all of the border 3mm slim bezel is clean enough to show stylish minimalism. LG Electronics' LG G2 ',' LG G Flex "key followed by applying ergonomic back yet luxurious feel and added convenience. Reticular pattern on the front and back cover is reminded of the feeling of metal, the metal mesh surface faintly shining georige (Metal Mesh) method was applied.

- 'viewing pleasure', a vivid picture of the big screen and immersive Full HD IPS
'LG G Pro 2' is jam-packed Full HD IPS display screen mount. The total area of ​​the screen in front of smart phones accounted for up to 77% higher for immersion is excellent.

World markets 'quality LG' stamped on the Full HD IPS display, the brightness, low power, outdoor visibility, such as color accuracy is excellent. The three sub-pixels in one pixel (Red, Green, Blue) by Real RGB yirwojin provides a clearer picture of the way.

- 'taking joy', 'OIS plus a worry-free camera shake
LG Electronics is to take pictures that compensates for hand trembling 'OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer, Optical Image Stabilizer),' improved more 'OIS plus' technique was mounted.

'OIS plus look at the conceptual point of view the existing OIS hardware, software algorithms, plus the perspective of the reader. To take pictures during the OIS corrects blurring, since the reader once more shake correction algorithm to make up a crystal-clear picture. So 'OIS plus the OIS applied only hand tremor more effectively than can be corrected, taking pictures in dark environments makes more crisp. The front camera has 2.1 million pixel lens with improved performance adopted.

'LG G Pro 2' has a variety of camera UX is added. HD-quality video taken with 1.4 speed to slow play the 'slow motion', continuous shooting up to 20 photos in one image and then look like a 'burst shots players', 4K Ultra HD (3840 * 2160) resolution You can record video in 'UHD burn', even in dark situations, self camera photo shoot out bright 'LCD Flash Front camera' and the main camera functions.

- 'listening pleasure', rich sound - High Power 1W speaker LG Electronics 'LG G Pro 2' provides a rich sound at 1W (watt) class was equipped with a high-powered speakers. LG Electronics smartphone 1W speakers mounted in class This is the first time.

The higher output than the speaker's voice is clear and is powered by a high-pitched. Output last year launched 'G Pro' more than 30% improved. About 0.5mm thicker bass speakers were complemented. Relatively thicker speaker bass to implement a longer wavelength than beneficial.

LG Electronics 'LG G Pro 2' on the pitch and tempo can be adjusted easily 'smart music player (Smart Music Player)' is equipped with enhanced listening pleasure. Smart Music Player 'is the pitch of the sound level and tempo can be adjusted to your preferences allow.

- Emotional UX innovation-based

LG Electronics, the consumer's demonstrated sensitivity to touch a new UX. UX is not simply showing only technological advances, consumers will use it, can feel the emotional satisfaction that captured UX.

- Leading UX camera
And "Natural Flash (Natural Flash) '
Turn on the flash when taking a color representation of the distortion that can occur, such as excessive exposure to the natural correction makes the image closer to the real.

And "Magic Focus (Magic Focus) '
Changing the focus automatically taken in succession and then selecting the desired image or several images can be synthesized. A picture of the ability to put all the focus too.

And 'Slow Motion (Slow Motion)'
HD-quality video taken with 1.4 speed to slow down playback. Rather than to establish speed shooting speed after taking advantage of something that is changing the play.

And 'burst shots player (Burst Shot Player)'
Up to 20 successive pictures taken by a single image can be seen.

And 'UHD recording (UHD Recording)'
4K Ultra HD (3840 * 2160) resolution, can take video.

And 'LCD Flash front-facing camera (Flash for Selfie)
Shooting in dark conditions for self-camera picture is bright, and out of function, even if the flash instead of the LCD screen to take advantage of some natural lighting can produce a picture.

- worthy of big-screen UX
And a 'mini view (Mini View)'
5.9 inches large screen smartphone smartphones into making another feature of the screen is the home screen, a small window will appear. Small window can be extended up to a maximum of 4.7 inches, the location can also be moved.

And 'dual-browser (Dual Browser)'
5.9 inches large screen divided into two independent spaces available in convenient multi-tasking capabilities. At the same time, each Internet browser, you can open up and down the room a more comfortable web surfing is possible.

- privacy UX
And 'Content Lock (Content Lock)'
Gallery, video player, notebook, notes and choose only the files you want to hide the app, you can hide. Invisibly set a password is possible as well. Search the dropped file is locked is not shared.

And 'Guest Mode (Guest Mode)'
Unlike the lock pattern, like a smart phone that can be used with two functions. "Guest Mode" in the photo, e-mail, instant messaging and other personal information access is blocked and restricted driving dwae aepman friend may lend with confidence. Young children have photos, videos, etc. may be required to use take out aepman. Business and private use, it is possible to separate them.
新聞稿:LG G Pro 2 Press Release


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